Thursday, May 24, 2007


“One of these days,
I will capture the moments when our eyes collide,
Grab them, churn them, melt them, mold them.
I will weave a pair of weightless wings.
We will wear them, we will fly.

Fate will be the force beneath or wings.
In every cloud we will see our future
And in the clear blue sky, our possibilites.
Every sunset will reflect our beauty,
And in the darkest of starry, midnight skies, the gods will carve our faces,
Luminescent, shining proudly, for all the world to see.”

Lol yeah...tell me if you like it(its the finished version of that other one)...or not, or w/e. And also, I need one of those alias names like other people do. Like how JK Rowling's name is like something different, and stuff. I need one. Lol.

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its gorgeous. i did like the flying into the adversity thing.. from the earlier draft.. and that sumthing about opposition. this is amazing still tho. bravo!