Monday, April 16, 2007


From trying to keep up this peice of crap friendship. Everyday its the fricken same thing. The same drama, the same aggravation, the same hatred. As complicated as it once was, not anymore. Black white, embodiment of pure loathing, and yet everyday why am I the one who sits for hours concerned about it. When I KNOW that he doesn't care. In few fleeting moments sure he does. But not enough to make this worth it. Not nearly enough.

But then...Somedays, I just think...Maybe he keeps coming back for help...because I'm really all hes got besides his Gf. Idk, it's a theory, and I dont know if it's right, but..I'll just go by it.

WAIT! Fuck that, its his fault he pushed everyone away, wtf am I worrying about, my God, agh.


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