Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spring break

Vacation...It was so...Undescribable, Calming like nothing else. So at first, I'm scared like shit, becuase it was just gonna be me and my dad. much of it was so...Idk, special...? The world seemed like such a fascinating place, and I was absorbing every small wonder. Sometimes at home I find myself admiring life, how amazingly complex it seems. Over there, I was intrigued by rocks. Rocks. One stretch of the road we were driving on, there was like a mini sandstorm, lmao it was so scary. Off in the distance, one time a saw a fricken tornado in the sand. It was amazing. Then the place where we stayed...We actually rented a house for a week. It was so desolate. And quiet. And absolutely perfect.
There was a fricken pool table in the house. And my bed was so nice. And the people who were there before us left so much shit. Extra blankets (I love blankets) and i found like four bras, lmao.
Everyday after we went to dinner, which was kinda hard to do, because really there was like nothing good for dinner, we would come back, and watch TV. Either Law and Order, or some movie my dad found. Lmao, I found out he loves romantic comedies (Chick Flicks) and ya, we saw like 4 of those. How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days was unbearable. Terrible terrible terrible movie. My god.
When we were getting back to LA, man was that depressing. The sky...looked like someone threw cement over the air. Back in our little rented home, everynight I would step out of the house, and stare up at the sky. One time I actually tripped, so lost in the night sky. So many was great...And over here...The opaque dullness, indicitive of the small, incessent aching that goes on. Blah.
I like using big words =D...You know why...?
I started reading Twilight while I was there too. That book is beautiful. Im almost done, and I need New Moon.
Anyway, now that Im back...I relize how much I fucking hate..someone. And...agh...Its really bad.
Well Im tired. BYE

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wow. where was this? remind me to go, and remember your words.. i won't ask who you hate, but i know you know i am one of the people reading this, and i just mite be among the most curious, and you know i'm begging to ask, as you sit there tempting me. agh. i prolly don't even know them (but what if i do!) but i won't ask, i shall refrain (omg who? just tellllllll!). don't (c'mon now.) don't, thats not even the point of the post.. how. sad. i'll comment again lata. i think.