Friday, March 16, 2007


Ok, so the whole world knows how I feel about moving (lol, I bet some people really don't know how much though, but w/e). Today I get home, and the real estate peeps decided that the room would look better if they umplugged all the game systems. They also decided that the shaver should go in the drawer, and that once again, my top blanket thing should be removed. There not big things, but...well I'm even gonna attempt describing my loathing of it. Anyway, I was talking to Shellie, and I decided to ask her "Hey, what happens if there are no good houses up for rent (Yes, rent. We sell the house that my dad worked on for over 4 years, so that we can rent house.) if and when we sell the house?" She replies "We just have to hope that doesn't happen". L.M.A.O. Could you imagine that? I go through all of this, and then end up living in some reject crap shack. And then, when something new comes up, we move again. Beautiful.

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bumma. macho one. sorry. lil outta it. forgive my lack of sufficent sincerity in my voice. i do feel for ya man. we had like a month to get out of our other house. and like.. yeah, we barely found this one. sheesh.