Sunday, March 18, 2007

Procrastination with the Utmost Enthusiasm

Wow, I love that title. I need to write a song with that title. It would be so fun. Ok anyway, on Friday I had the best plan in the world. I would do so much homework this weekend, and finish my history chapter, and get at least half way done with Bio project, so that later I could gloat about it. So yesterday, wanna know what I did? I woke up, fell asleep, woke up again, pondered whether or not I should take a shower or not, spent way too long on AIM, spent WAY too long on my PS2, and then went to Borders, and then Panda express, and then going right back to my PS2. It's not my fault though, the game I have is like way too fun. a wolf, but hes a god, and you do like crazy shit and its like WOAH, and then you make everything look all pretty when you're done, it's wonderful. Lol, the most educational thing I did yesterday was picking up my Bio book, and putting it under my desk, in the thought that I would eventually work on it. O, and I also developed an obsession with guitar. I NEED to learn it now. Really bad. Or I'll die. While I was at Borders, I picked out SOOO many books. I didn't buy any though, I didn't like fall in love with any of them. They were cool, but not cool enough. I read like three chapters of 3 books though. One of them was about this girl who has a "disability", and sees color in letters and numbers, and colors and shapes with sounds. It was so sad, because she thought every was like that, but then one day all the kids in her 2nd grade class laughed at her when she accidentally said something about it. And it's cool, because it is a real "condition" I remember hearing something about it somewhere. I need to find out the name of it. But like, wouldn't that me so fricken cool? You could draw music. And it would be amazing. The bad side is if there's A LOT of noise, you could literally go blind with color for a little while. Harsh stuff man. Then the other book was about a kid, I think it said he was a senior in Highschool. He shot himself in the head, survived, with brain damage, and he can't remember a think about anything. And it's really cool because the narraration is in his vioce, so like its all jumpy and shit, because yeah, he has a lot of trouble remembering like anything, and as soon as he thinks something, he just says it. No control over thoughts. And like ya, It's kool. I would have bought it, but 1) The narraration gets really annoying sometimes. 2) I despise hardcover books. So like yeah. I think I'm just about done procrastinating though, I gots crap to do.

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