Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Explosion in the works...

So yesterday I had the first class for the PCC Orchestra. Daniel decided not to go, at the last minite (wow, huge suprise...). I hate when people do that. The people that cannot see the line between what you HAVE to do, and what you WANT to do. Fucking just...Anyway, I'm waiting for the bus to PCC, and Uche comes, waitng for the bus too. I did not relize that I could talk for so long about how I despise band. It was crazy. So i get to PCC at about..4:30. Meaning a 2:30 wait till my class started. Fun. I didn't have to leave Marshall so early, but pretty much like all forms of life where bugging the fuck outta me, so I just needed to be off in a corner somewhere, blasting my iPod, to escape existence. So ya, I was sitting outside the music room, till I saw Mr. D, and like I said, human contact was just not gonna happen. So I went up the stairs, and found a perfect little spot for me to be awy from everyone. Like, its a sanctuary. I wish there was someplace like that at Marshall, but sadly no. So class was fun, and some of the people remember me, and all the cellos are like really nice. I can really see myself keep on going there, and like leaving Marshall Orchestra behind for good. The music was fricken' Impossible, but still, those three hours in the class flew by. It was wonderful. After, my bro picked up...Well actually, first I waited in the ice cold wind for about 30 minites, until finally his shit black car rolled into view. I get in the car, it smeels like weed. I know he didn't smoke, but still, he was fucking 30 minites late, because he was letting his fuckturd friends get high in his car. So fricken PISSED. So, we get Jack In The Box for dinner, when we get home though, it was just distigsting...Like I'm really getting worried, so many foods just make me wanna throw up now...It's not good...So umm ya
In the morning, once again looking at all the foods we have make me wanna hurl, so I take an apple, and then go up to brush my teeth. Even that made me wanna throw up. Seriously, it's everything. So, idk wat else...I relized how much fun it is playing DS games with Ronnica, it's really the only GOOD part of my day today. And after school, people were bothering me. A lot. No real reason. Just ya, idk...gayness.

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