Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentines Day =/

Ok, so I was thinking about writing this blog before, but then I got lazy, but then all these stupid people's myspace bullitens about it are just making me mad. Anyway, like really, tommorow is gonna fucking suck. Major ass. Like I can picture it in my mind. During advisory, people are gonna be like, "What are you doing back here?" Of course, duh I'm gonna be in the back room of the band room. And I'm gonna be like "I'm losing myself in my books and emo music, stuffing my face full of chocholate I stole from some happy looking couple, to avoid letting my crushing lonliness depress the rest of the world." And that "happy" will be said with extra bitchyness too it. I can see it now...it will be great.
But semi-off the subject, fuck man it was bothering me. Someone posted a myspace bulliten, saying how Valentines is gonna suck, because he's single. I'm sitting at my computor screen like, "What The Fuck". Seriously, it's as if he's the ONLY person in the world with that problem. Lol, I really don't care that much, but I know like tommorow, is just gonna bother me.

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