Monday, February 12, 2007

So Today

Today, I woke up at like 8 o'clock, or sumthing like that. I think I had a dream, and I remember remembering what my dream was, but now I can't remember for sure if I remembered or not, and if I did, I dont remember exactly what I remembered. Ohhh! Now I remember, Daniel and Shelby were in it. But now that I think of it, I'm not sure if I had this dream today, or yesterday. In any case, that's pretty much irrelevant. So anyway, when I woke up, I started reading my new book, "Midnighters: The Secret Hour". Whoo! I love that book. And while I was reading it, it was weird. You know how sometimes when you're reading a boring book, your mind wanders onto like a completely random topic. Well this time, it happened, but I was still thinking about the book. Anyway, I fricken finished the book! I got it yesterday! I'm so glad I decided to be stupid and get the second book while I was at the library. So Shellie came into my room, being her normal SuperBitch self. I should give her a code name to use while I'm on the comp. One time she read my IMs, and me and Ronnica were talking about her. Lol, it didnt turn out so good. I think SuperBitch421 seems like it's inconspicious enough. Anyway, where was I? This recollection of how my day went, is getting way too long. But i guess more stuff happened today than I thought. So yeah, I went downstairs and Ronnica called me about going to Santa Anita today. And once again, SuperBitch421 (ok, I'll stick to Shellie, SuperBitch421 is just kinda retarded) is all like, "Brian is not allowed to be on the phone". Ok like, I kinda understand not being able to talk on the phone for a long time, y'know, like for fun. But when people are trying to reach me, you would think maybe she would be able to turn down her bitchyness a couple notches, but noooo. Anyway yeah, Yay! I was gonna be going to Santa Anita today! So...I ate breakfast and all that boring stuff....Ronnica got online, and I was talking to her. Then she left so she could come pick me up. Then pretty much two minites before she came, Daniel has to IM me. WTF! He's talking abuot how his birthday doesnt even feel like a birthday, which got me kind of mad for some reason. But i felt so bad, because he was like not feeling good, but I had to go. So ya...then when me and Ronnica got to Santa Anita, we got lost trying to get to Borders! Lol, it reminded me of the time I was there with Daniel. Well ya...we stayed in Borders for a while after meeting up with Randy, and there were so many fun books! One of the was like "The Virgin Suicides" and it had a really cool poem, I need to find so I can post it! And then by the same author, this book called "Middlesex", and I was having such a great time finding all the dirty things in it! Man that shit was bad, like it talked abuot a girl with sexual encounters and masturbation as child, and then...just some REALLY horny thoughts by some other person. It was great. So...then we ate at some Japanese place I really didn't like that much. And then...well I'm getting tired, so let's fastfoward a bit. I went to the Popcorn place to buy some Kettle Korn, and they were like "This large bag costs less then the small", so I like sure. IT WAS SO MUCH! So I still have it with me rite now, lol. So when I got home...I called Daniel, and went online, and ate some dinner, and here I am! Man, typing all that was way too fun.


me...or is it? said...

haha i was at the mall too but i wasn't looking at dirty BOOKS!!'s fun reading about your day even though i hardly know you........haha i really don't know what the hell to say so...ya.


jordan! oooh, sorry did i blow your cover...? psssssssh, you were too looking at dirrrrrty books, stop lying, you perv, tut tut. i'm sorry for commenting on his comment on your blog, and u don't even know him, its jordan, btw... SHEESH!