Friday, February 16, 2007

Thoughts of the Day

1) Ok, I know it's slightly insane, but like ok, I've been reading Midnighters way too much. Basically, the main stuff in it, is that there is this "secret hour". It's one hour in the day, compresed in a single moment, that certain creatures live in, and only certain people can move in. These people can move in it because they were born at the exact moment of Midnight. So anyway, I was just thinking abuot how like...How the hell can we ever know for sure that thats not true? Like, not exactly how it is in the book, but to some extent, that CAN be true. How would we ever know if for every moment we are here, we take turns sharing it with some other world/dimension? If you think about it, the whole concept of time is SO out of human grasp, that most have just discarded any thought into it, and accepted it as "Just because". If you think abuot all the things we don't know, and the things we dont even know we don't know, it is very scary.

2) Imagining life without cartoons. Ya, I sound stupid, but read all of this, I swear its good, and It's not a total crap like the first one. Ok if you think abuot it, all the stuff that like you've always known, and known them for so long, you don't even remember when you learned them. When did you learn what police are? Or what jail is? I can bet $50, that one day when you were watching the villian in Scooby Doo get arrested, or even The Powerpuff Girls kick total ass over Mojo Jojo and throw him in prison, you learned this kinda stuff. Actually, especcially the shows like Superman, you learn that the bad guy gets thrown in jail, and somehow by some unnatural being, order is restored and the world is one great happy place. How much you wanna bet that if there were no cartoons, and kids only watched Law and Order, and other drama shows, a shitload of kids would have given up on life, and tried to kill themselves or something. When you grow up, stupid TV shows tell you that the world is one big happy place, but other TV shows, deffinitly do not hide the ugly truth of the world quite so well.

3) After reading Mackenzie's blog, I remembered something else I was thinking abuot. The whole concept of not caring. And how smart she was for noticing something; half the people who say the dont care are lying. They just want it to seem like it doesn't bother them; trying to fool the world and even themselves. Then out of the 50% remaining, at least two-thirds of them are just stupid or ignorant, and tragically, a large majority are both. Only a slight few are educated and don;t care.

Anyway, this was fun, and I have several thoughts about life, but I'm crazy tired.

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right now i'm just gonna comment on the 3rd part of ur post... i totally agree with some of your points, but i think, the way the words twisted sounded a bit harsh, about how a lot of people who say they "don't care" are liars. i don't think they are liars, per se, but the just can't face the truth. but yes, i know we can be in these situations, its all too easy to "lie", way easier than looking our misery in the eye, we both know this, all too well. and we know about these truths, they become us, so we are lying, i don't believe anyone can not know what is haounting them in this situation, so it fits... and so not accepting the truth is like saying it doesn't exist, and we make truth the enemy, it hurts us, so thats the name we don it. of course its all we really need to move on and to grow, we know this, but that doesn't mean its any easier to look at it. i'll comment more on this later, but until then, these are my ideas, more will come, they always do...