Saturday, February 17, 2007


Really, somethings have just gotten to a point, that it doesn't seem worth it to explain to anyone. People just truly cannot comprehend somethings. And recently, when I tried, they were so caught up in something else, that the things I said didn't matter. So, I'm left here alone, and lately I've discovered it's much easier to handle it when you can be distracted by something else...Thus, my unhealthy obsession with Minesweeper, and my overwhelming desire to read 24/7. By the way that reminds me, I gotta go to Borders or Barnes and Nobles again soon. I'm running out of stuff to read. I gotta order "Specials" like today, so that it'll be here by when I finish Midnighters. And that's also making me really sad, and here's another reason I despise series. I have like an emotional connection to this book, like really. Almost the entire time I'm reading, I'm submerged into the plot so deep, that it's not even like I'm reading anymore. I just see the people doing w/e the hell they're doing, the actual words never once actually appearing in my mind. Woah I got off topic, so to the miniscule amount of people who read my blog (actually just one, but hey even I can be optimistic), know any good books?



ok, so u think i am the only one reading this blog, which i doubt, jordan read it too, but i think he lost the link, which is my fault so i'm sorry, i'll fix that... ANYways, since you believe i am the only one reading this, i can assume that some of this is addressed to me.. is it me? am i missing this point, is it flying past me, AGAIN?! brian, i'm sorry.. but maybe, just maybe, i am just here to help, and your sending out a lil SOS, i am here, whatever good that may do.. i am here to listen, idk what else to do now, idk what you need... i will listen to you, even if your not ready to speak.


ok, brian, idk if u need this right now, but i am sure it'll help in the future, dwell on this, this is one of those things that is healthy to dwell on, so savor it, for me... for you.

Many people ask me to speak, but nobody as yet has invited me for
silence.  Still, I realize that the more I speak, the more I will need
silence to remain faithful to what I say. People expect too much from
speaking and too little from silence.
-henri nouwen

(ok, u may have seen this on the blog, but it wasn;t directed at u so i'm not sure if u'd've listened.. idk the way things work..)