Monday, February 19, 2007


So after I came home today, I see my music folder on my desk, and for some reason I have the urge to look through it. It was not such a great idea. The endless string of hackneyed songs is just simply not the least bit entertaining anymore. The emotionless Brandenburg Concerto from All-District, and the tortuously repetitive Magnificent Seven just does not seem to do it for me anymore. Even the famed Halo Theme bores me. The Grieg song was actually bearable, until directed by Ms. Worby. It's so sad that the songs from PCC last year, I actually really want to play them, but I'm just don't know how. I'm just stuck, and music, what I used to sometimes even call a Passion, is dead. Hopefully the classes at PCC that I'm gonna take will revitalize it...sigh. Idk. And I really wanna learn piano...but again, that is another thing I just don't know how to do...sigh...Depressing.

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