Sunday, February 18, 2007

Shit man..

Today I have to go shopping for new shoes with my dad. That much "quality-time", the thought of it is making my head scream. So I decided to minimize my unpleasantness, and we're only gonna get dress shoes today, not like...normal shoes, because yeah, doing that is just pure hell. And today already isn't starting out very well. My skin hurts. Idk how but ya, it feels like my skin is becoming like paper thin, and everytime i touch something with certain parts on my arm, it feels like my nerves are being crushed. Not very pleasant. I swear my skin thingy is getting worse and worse, but whenever I mention it, nobody listens to me. And there is way too much sunlight coming into my room rite now. I can barely see the comp screen, and my eyes are squinting like automatically. My friend still hasn't sent me the pictures from...I forgot when, but she said she was going to as soon as she put them on her comp, and I know she did because their on her myspace. Oh wow, actually TWO friends haven't sent me pictures. People shouldn't take pix of me if they're not gonna send them to me. It's just annoying. And also, way too many people keep on posting blogson myspace. Idk why thats bothering me, but it is. I'm just overall irratible and not very comfortable.

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bumma. i HATE shoes. the sun woke me up. my arms are dry. the skin isn't falling off. they've been like that since forever. well, cept when i was a baby. y'know baby skin. damn, that stuff is soft. but idk why they always have to compare soft skin to butts, when all of the baby is soft. why not just "soft as a baby's forehead.." c'mon now.

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