Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Why I Love Reading

Jessica talking talking to Constanza about boyfriend problems =/
"Be patient, just let your anger mellow inside you, aging like a fine wine. Then when Jonathan does something that really pisses you off, let him have it with both barrels."
Jessica blinked. "Um, I got lost. What barrels?"
"Pay attention Jessica. These are barrels of anger." Constanza sighed, thumping the steering wheel. "The problem with boys is, you can't tell them everytime something annoys you. If you complain every single second that Jonathan isn't holding your hand, you look feeble and whiny and desperate. So you have to hit him with all you flaws at once. Which means...waiting until he does something that he knows is bad and tally of all your complaints ready in you mind. Be patient, but be prepared--that's my motto!"
Come on, that is straight up bitchyness, lmao. I love books sometimes

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