Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Phases of Today

Waking up: The normal. I had some new music on my iPod, made me mega happy. I had a Poptart that for some reason was just super nasty and I ended up throwing it away...
Zero Period: I remember sitting in the middle of the floor, dumbstruck. "Oh fuck no, not Magnificent Seven again, this is gay". Painful hour of my life...
Spanish: FUN! Idk why, but it was kool.
Biology: Ya w/e it was normal
Orchestra: ANGER! SUPREME ANGER! AGHHHH ANGER! Once AGAIN, Magnificent Seven, my fucking god, it's easineess is absolutely obsurd. And somehow people still don't get it. It was just...horrible.
English: Dead tired.
History: Ms Mares mad me angry
Algbra 2: Besides everyone asking me for answers, the test was suprisingly fun
Home: Being a freak, and like actually reading the histrory chapter, and also, TAKING NOTES! like a weird person, and ya idk. all this stuff, that now im too tired to explain, lol this blog was retarded

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it was, that post was absolutely dumb. but i guess i can't say much, i haven't posted in a while.. so i guess u win. i wanna talk, go check ur email. who do u go to, not only when times get rough, but when u have little excitements, little joys, or little angers and awful surprises.. where do u go? solaces...?