Thursday, February 22, 2007

Good day!

Everytime I log onto this thing, I tell the thing to remember my email, lol it never does. It's so sad. I have to type out that long ass email address everytime I log in. Sigh. Lol so my day today, was totally insane. Certain friends kept on bugging me, but by the second half of the day, that didn't even matter anymore! You wanna know why???? I BOUGHT MINTS! Lmao, yesterday at Target, I bought these Lifesaver mints, TWO PACKS OF THEM! THATS LIKE 96 MINTS! Anyway, lmao now there all gone...I had at least 35 mints today, no joke, by 7th period, I was straight up addicted to em' and I was eating like one every minite. It was great. Mega ultra insaneful hyperness. Oh, and Jennifer showed me this book of her drawings, and they were really kool! After school I was waiting with Shelby, and literally I could not stand still. I was fricken' dancing. Lmao. Then i had to take the bus home in the rain, but y'know, that wasn't enough to ruin my good mood. Then, I got home, and Estela was here, so I'm really afraid she threw away my gum bottle, and she said she didn't find my Midnighters book, but even THAT was not enough to ruin my good mood. THEN, I found a note on my computor that apparently Shellie wrote. MY CELLO CAME IN!!! So now I gotta call the store. Mega happy! And then after that, I read an email from Kenzie, with a quote (she has made me unhealthily obsessed with them) and it was so incredibly awesome! So like I said: Ultra mega happy!

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ur not unhealthily obsessed with them quotes, don't u think its good? it ain't unhealthy, psssssssh, NEVER!