Tuesday, February 27, 2007

One more MAJOR Annoyance.

The history test and teacher are just retarded. We spent the last two days studying for the test, and like, I hate when teachers ONLY teach whats gonna be on the test. People go to school to learn, NOT to pass tests. And the thing is, a lot of the stuff isn't any more important than other things, but it's just we're getting tested on that instead of something else. We have to know about two sisters who stood up for farming, and not once did she mention the woman who self proclaimed herself emperor. That's not important at all...Or that in some year, the emperor burned every monastery in China to the ground. Dammit i hate it. There is no point in learning, if you only learn what others want you to know. No point in learning=no point in school= (because I'm under 18) no point in life. Thanks a lot, for killing the joy I had from actually learning this one chapter, that was a complete waste of one day of my life. Dammit..

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