Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Random Crap

Ok like, all these band things, there really just pissing me off. I'm so tired. Like insanely tired. In school, everything is MOSTLY effortless. Occasionally, I actually have to think. But now, waking up early to march TROMBONE and then having two hour long rehearsals, it drains you like mad. I'm seiroulsy just exhausted in everyway shape and form, and I start being weird when I'm tired. Haha, ask Noah, he saw me during 6th period. But ya, tommorow is gonna be even worse. Rehersals for cello AND trombone, and then the concert later on. Oh and about the concert, really it's so fricken gay, my family is like arguing over who will give me a drive. So, I gonna take my clothes and cello and trombone with me on the bus to PCC tomorrow. How insanely fun is that gonna be!

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